Kozmo's Plaster Castings

If you might be offended by nudity, leave now, quick.

Lifecasting is the art of taking molds directly from the human body. It is an ancient art form dating back to the ancient Egyptians.

Molds are turned into lifelike casts of plaster, concrete, or bronze that will last forever. They are great for home or yard art, or architectural details. They can be displayed as is or modified artistically.

Most thumbnails are clickable.
Hand Shelf
Boob Shelf
(in progress)
- Selected in 2005 Seattle Erotic Art Festival
In progress. Check out Artist is Born
Lake View
Featured in "Private Parts", 2002
Liz n Barb (shelf)
Liss w/Griff and "Come Hither"
in progress
First of Five Food Group Series
Selected to be in the
2005 Seattle Erotic Art Festival
Field of Dreams
Stacked and Coppa de were featured at "Bustin' Out", 2001
Coppa de
MC ready to pop
Silicone Monk custom made and suitable for play
Master Caster
Time Piece
By Dorbe and Kozmo
Cast of Characters
By Susan and Kozmo
Eryka fountain
By Boucante and Kozmo

I'm always on a quest for models and collaborators. I'm interested in your ideas.
I also do commissions.
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