I'm here to report on the progress of entering the mind of the artist know as Cybele. I took this mission only with the understanding there would be life on the other side. Let me tell you, it's questionable. Here is Cybele sticking instruments of art up her nose (she's the one sitting). We've carefully disquised her with layers of seaweed and cement to transform her from Cybelvis to Cybele the famous artist.

Cybele describes her work as "surly realism + conceptual symbolism". Whoa. Check out what the talented Cybelle is doing now at Cybele's web site.

... or if you want to get back to the KozBod's front page to see more of this type of work, it's here.

First step complete. Feint (or is it feighnt?) nuances of an artist are vizible if you gaze closely (and cross-eyed) at this picture. This is the inside of the alginate mold of the details of Cybele's face. We're looking from her brain towards the inside of her face. What a view, eh?
Then I fill that alginate mold with plaster. Every detail is there. Anybody recognize the sneer of the star formerly known as Cybelvis. We are going to peel this away and reveal the artist known as Cybele beneath. (Note the spinach spinach between the teeth.)
Then I pour polyurethane over the plaster to make a master mold. It took me three attempts at making the master mold to get here. First one the polyurethane didn't set up-stuff may have been too old; then Cybele and I trekked to a place in P'land and bought some new, fresh material. It didn't work either-my studio's too cold. Then with heaters and blankets I got it to work but - alas - I didn't read the fine print. It says this stuff "adheres tenaciously to varnish". Well, I had used varnish to seal the plaster. I scraped and I scratched but it wouldn't budge off. Then I tried fire. Toxic smoke was wafting through my brain; still is. That gal's a torcher. Shall we call her hotlips Cybele? I took a torch to the mess and burned/scraped/wiped/swore the ugly flubber off the cast.
But even Cybele couldn't stand the heat - for the time beeing. What a crackup that girl is. Here we see her in pieces as the heat got too much. She is resisting this major change. Anna says never say -----. So I say it's only a struggle. We stumble along.
All the king's men and all the kings horses were able to carefully plaster her back together again Then I wrapped it again - this is the fourth time - in another elegant case of polyurethane from our friends at Polytek. Cybele, are you still breathing? I think it's going to work this time.
Hooray, it worked. Here is the final polyurethane mold in the mother mold of plaster, which holds it in shape. Actually since this pic I've stretched it and filled the vacant cavity with plaster but the sight was unbearable so I couldn't take a pic.
Now I have a polyurethane mold. I've stretched it this way and that and pour plaster into it.
I needs some hands to pull the face away. This is Louise with her hands in plaster bondage cause Cybele isn't here. Thank-you Louse.
These are Louise's hands. Lovely. Louise knows Cybele through whipped cream experience at the SEAF bar. To set the hands I broke a cast of the face and Louise held the shard and dunked her hand into a pot of alginate. Peeling the alginate away the next day is like an archeological dig revealing victims in the ash of Pompei.
Here's the first impression of the hands pulling the Marilyn facade off of Cybele the artist. I don't know if the hands will work. They cover up those great Marilyn lips. I'll try to make the hands a base that the face sets into. Cybele will add make-up to Marilyn.