Greetings Thanks for being interested in modeling for a lifecast.


This information is for prospective models. If you are interested in a commissioned piece, contact me at koz @

I do lifecasting. I take casts of body parts and create art pieces out of them. Iíve created many casts and am now starting to do the more creative part of assembling pieces into installations. The easy way to explain some of what Iíve been doing is to look at my website;

Most of the work I do is erotic. Castings are normally made of the torso or other body parts unclothed though there are some great ideas with clothes and drapes that Iím also interested in. I use a process that preserves the finest details of the skin. Iím intrigued by the contrast of the hard cement I work with and the soft skin texture.

The casting process is entirely safe. The materials that contact the skin are alginate (used by dentists for teeth impressions), oil, and soapy water. The actual modeling-casting process takes only about an hour though an initial full session takes about twice that time. I will explain all the details before we do any casting.

I have had work in three Art Walks in Olympia, and a number of group and solo shows in Seattle. Last year I was accepted into two juried shows including the Seattle Erotic Art Festival.

I enjoy my work. I am comfortable and safe to work with. It is important that are are also comfortable and enjoy the work. Models are welcome to bring friends or family to watch or help.

I offer a reasonable modeling fee with a minimum of time per session. I am also interested in trading modeling for a casting or of doing collaborative work. We can discuss the fee and other options.

I am open to new ideas and collaborations. If you are interested and/or have ideas for casting creations, Iíd love to hear them.


Thanks for your interest. If youíre still interested, tell me more about yourself including body type. Let me know what additional information you need.